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Corporate Governance


BrandBee Holding AB is a public Swedish company based in Stockholm. BrandBee Holding AB has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since 2016 and follow the guidelines set by the market. BrandBee Holding AB doesn’t apply the Swedish code for corporate governance or Annual report Act on corporate reporting as Spotlight Stock Market is not defined as a regulated market and therefore these regulations are not applicable.


To date BrandBee Holding AB has 5 co-workers based in our office in Stockholm. Supported by our sales and marketing team in India.

Corporate Structure


The BrandBee Holding AB runs its operation through two fully owned subsidaries, VideoBur Sthlm AB and BrandBee AB.

VideoBur Sthlm AB is an IT company which provides a plattform for a time and cost efficient production of video. BrandBee AB provides a digital marketing and online advertising platform.


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