Corporate governance

BrandBee Holding AB is a public Swedish limited liability company based in Stockholm. BrandBee Holding AB (then VideoBur Sthlm In AB) has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market (then AktieTorget) since June 2016 and thus follows Spotlight Stock Markets regulations. BrandBee Holding AB does not apply the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance or the Annual Accounts Act's rules on corporate governance report since Spotlight Stock Market is not defined as a regulated market and these rules are therefore not applicable.


At present, BrandBee Holding AB has 5 employees in our Stockholm office. The roles consist of management, sales, market, and production.

Group structure

BrandBee Holding AB is part of the Group with the subsidiaries VideoBur Sthlm AB, BrandBee AB and Student Competitions International AB.

VideoBur Sthlm AB is an IT company that provides a platform for time- and cost-effective production of video and BrandBee AB is active in digital marketing and online advertising. Student Competitions International AB is a platform that gathers and market competitions for students in higher education. 

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